UNREAL Mobile cellular service - 2018 Review

UNREAL Mobile - a new MVNO offering the cheapest *unlimited* cellular service available anywhere
You can pick either their SPRINT service or their AT&T service.

UNREAL Mobile Special Offers & Deals
last updated: September 13, 2018

Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data (1GB LTE data) for $10/month
(unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB LTE data and unlimited 2G data)


HOT! Order a GSM SIM to use in your own phone for $0.99
SPECIAL OFFER: GSM sim only $0.99, includes free shipping!
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to any of the monthly plans below)

Buy a GSM HotSpot for $19.99
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to any of the monthly plans below)


Bring Your Own (Sprint) Phone for a Penny
(activate your own Sprint-capable phone for only a penny)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to any of the monthly plans below)

Buy a ZTE Prestige phone for $19.99
(note: total is $19.99 + $19.99 activation + $9.99 shipping = $59.97)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to any of the monthly plans below)

Buy a Galaxy S6 phone for $129.99
(note: total is $129.99 + $19.99 activation + $9.99 shipping = $169.97)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to any of the monthly plans below)

UNREAL MOBILE in a nutshell:
 UNREAL Mobile is a new spin-off of FreedomPop. UNREAL offers Sprint-based service or AT&T-based service. The monthly pricing is simple and inexpensive, and there are no hidden charges or "gotcha" fees. For $10 per month, you get unlimited talk and text, 1GB of high-speed LTE data, and if the LTE data is used up, you have unlimited slow but fairly usable 2G data. There is no tax, and unlike FreedomPop, all of the "extras" are included, including voicemail and data roll-over. After 3 months of service, you get a 10% added to your high speed data amount every month as a loyalty bonus. The difference between the Sprint-based service and the AT&T based service is that the Sprint-based service has a "real" phone number and you can use your phone's native dialer, but for the AT&T based service, the phone number is a voip number and you need to use the Unreal app to make calls.

The great thing about Unreal is that the monthly pricing is simple and cheap.
 * For $10 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $15 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 2GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $20 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 3GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $30 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 5GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * There is NO TAX on any of the monthly plans.
 * Data rollover is included for free (up to 500mb of unused LTE data per month).
 * Customer Loyalty 10% Bonus: After 3 months, you will automatically get 10% more LTE data each month.
 * You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time if you want more or less data.
.* If you use all of your high-speed LTE data, you still have unlimited slower 2G data.
 * UNREAL has a 30 day money back guarantee.
 * With Unreal, there are NO overage charges and you never run out of data (although it will be slow 2G data if you use up your fast LTE data).

UNREAL MOBILE on the Sprint network:
 * Service and coverage is provided on the Sprint network.
 * Talk & text is via a "real" cellular phone number and uses your phone's native dialer. You can also use the Unreal app to do wifi calling if you want, but any calls made with your phone's native dialer will be over traditional cellular service.
 * You can purchase a phone from Unreal, or use your own Sprint-capable phone (also referred to as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device).
 * If you want to purchase a phone from Unreal, they currently have a very limited selection of phones.
 * If you want to "bring your own phone", it needs to be Sprint-capable (CDMA), and it can't still be locked to any other Sprint MVNO. You can check if your phone will work on the Unreal Mobile website where you can enter your phone MEID or IMEI in their compatibility checker.

UNREAL MOBILE on the AT&T network:
 * Service and coverage is provided on the AT&T network.
 * Talk & text is via a voip phone number and you must use the UNREAL app to make calls and send texts. The app works for calling and texting on cellular and wifi.
 * You will need to provide your own unlocked GSM phone (i.e. AT&T or TMobile). It must be unlocked, although AT&T prepaid phones work without unlocking.
 * You will need to purchase a GSM sim from Unreal. After you put the sim in your phone, you will need to set your phone's APN to unreal.com.attz , and you will need to install the Unreal app for calling and texting.

UNREAL Mobile is a spin-off of FreedomPop. Although both companies are owned by the same people, I think there is a HUGE difference between FreedomPop and UNREAL. FreedomPop is a "freemium" provider that offers limited *free* service and then tries to up-sell you with paid services. For example, FreedomPop gives you 200 voice minutes for free, but not voicemail. If you want voicemail, you need to pay for an "add-on" service. And because FreedomPop is sometimes a bit deceptive on the up-selling, they get a lot of bad reviews from people who feel they've been taken advantage of with "unexpected" charges. That said, I've been successfully using FreedomPop for two years and have gotten free service the whole time, and have never gotten any "unexpected" charges. I also know plenty of other people who have successfully used FreedomPop for free service for even longer. But you need to know what you are doing if you use FreedomPop's "free" service, and their terms are regularly changed, which makes keeping my FreedomPop Dummies Guide update very challenging!

UNREAL is refreshingly different from FreedomPop. I hope Unreal doesn't get too tainted from its obvious association with FreedomPop. I think that FreedomPop is now trying to use its experience to create a new low cost provider company that charges the lowest price possible, but doesn't pretend to offer "free" service. As such, with UNREAL, you pay $10 per month, and you get unlimited talk and text, and voicemail is included free. You also get 1GB of high-speed LTE data, and if that runs out, you get unlimited slower 2G data for the rest of the month. You never run out of data. Whereas FreedomPop would try to charge you for various add-on services, UNREAL includes free voice mail, free data rollover (up to 500mb per month), and several other free features. Plus after 3 months, you will start getting a "loyalty" bonus where they'll add 10% to your data each month (so on the 1GB plan, you'll start getting 1.1GB every month).

I've been searching for and reading the reviews of actual people who have tried out Unreal Mobile. A few have had issues and/or have been unsatisfied and have cancelled their service. But most people who have actually tried UNREAL are reporting it works...

"This is only my second month with Unreal, but so far I’m impressed. The price can’t be beat at $10 a month for 1 GB of data. I activated my own iPhone 8 without any issues (you can obtain a free SIM card from your Sprint provider). I have never been on the Sprint network before, but the signal is pretty strong in my area with 4 bars. Transferring my number from my previous cellular provider was extremely fast and easy, The only thing preventing those guys from getting a perfect 10 is the "aggressive" marketing. Somehow it took 3 calls from them to realize that I was already a customer and they that could stop calling me to sign up. I highly recommend Unreal." - Luc in Concord, California, August 6, 2017, via highya.com

"I wanted a spare phone and just happened to be looking around when UNREAL started up. I ordered their least expensive phone, the Alcatel, and received it in eight days. PROS: $10 all in with unlimited calling, texting, and a GB of 4G LTE that goes down to 2 G after your LTE limit is used, no overages. The phone price was good, I actually got a coupon to buy it for $39, it's a popular enough model that there are plenty of cases and screen protectors at a bargain price. The calling has been good, no issues with texting, and data is fast. CONS: It took 8 days to receive my phone, but your billing starts the day you order the service, so you lose a quarter of the first month to that. I asked about it and was given a partial credit, seems like you should not be charged until you actually activate the phone. SUMMARY: I have a phone that works just fine for calls, text, and data, I am happy. It's a budget service and I hope to keep it for a long time. I have referred several friends already and they are happy to have a phone for their kids to use without having to worry about data overages. I think you will be very happy if you bring your own phone, or buy one from them. Give it a try!" - Patrick in Colorado, August 6, 2017, via highya.com

"Unreal Mobile is incredibly awesome. It is not perfect, obviously, but for 10 bucks a month it is amazing. The speed in Berkeley after 1 GB of Sprint LTE is 0.05 MPBS. Unreal Mobile does not have hot-spotting and can only use with LOCKED? Sprint phones, but these are small gripes in the larger scheme of things. Unreal's biggest issue is using the Sprint network, which I believe is just as good as Verizon and even has even more extensive coverage in some areas of big cities where lots of financially struggling individuals like myself live. Look for Boost Mobile brick and mortar, that's how you know you'll get good Sprint service. Sprint probably cannot compare to Verizon in areas like Silicon Valley, but who cares? Who needs full power LTE all the time anyway? Sprint is not very good indoors. The key is to take calls near an OPEN WINDOW, or calls might be dropped." - Jason in Berkeley, California, August 6, 2017, via highya.com

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