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OBi200 VoIP phone adapter - 2015 Review

obihai obi200 voip phone adapter review
my trusty OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter

OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter
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Review Summary: I highly recommend the OBIHAI Obi200 VoIP phone adapter. It works. When you combine the OBi200 with Google Voice, you get a FREE home phone line that works just like a "regular" landline. We've been using the OBi200 and Google Voice for our home phone for about a year (purchased October 7, 2014), and we've never had problems. The OBi200 works and is reliable, and the call quality is crystal clear. We were paying Verizon $31.22 after tax per month for a basic landline phone. Now our phone costs us nothing... nada... zilch. And we have free long distance calling anywhere in the US. And with Google voice, all of the add-on features like voice mail, call forwarding, etc, are free, whereas with Verizon we didn't have them because they would charge an additional monthly fee for every single feature. If you want a free landline phone, consider the OBi200 and Google Voice. My only complaint would be with myself for not doing this sooner!

Background: My first experience with VoIP (voice-over-IP or voice-over-internet) phone calls was several years ago when my father-in-law called us when he was on a trip in China using some new-fangled technology called Skype. The phone call quality was marginal at best and I was not at all impressed. Then a few years ago my brother called us using a new service called Google Voice. Again, the call quality was marginal and created my impression that VoIP and/or Google Voice meant garbled/broken phone calls that one had to strain to hear or could hardly understand. Fortunately, last year I decided to give VoIP and Google Voice another chance. I was getting really tired of paying Verizon over $30 a month for a home landline phone that we really didn't use very much because we generally were using our cell phones for phone calls. I'm not sure how exactly I heard about OBIHAI, but I decided to get their OBi200 VoIP phone adapter and give it a try. The OBi200 was under $50 at Amazon which was less than what I'd pay Verizon in two months. After setting up our new VoIP phone number, I still kept our Verizon service for another two months just in case the VoIP phone didn't work out, but after 2 months of solid reliable OBi200 phone service, I cancelled our traditional Verizon landline service. The Verizon representative I spoke with gave me the impression I wasn't the only person dropping their traditional landline phone service...

my home office set up
my home office set up [OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter middle left]

Works with Google Voice (which is FREE!)
OBi200 also works with other VoIP service providers like Anveo, Callcentric, Localphone, and a multitude of other SIP Internet phone services
Has One Phone Port
Supports T.38 faxing
Easy to Set Up
No monthly service free! OBIHAI service is FREE!

back ports on OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter
back of the OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter

Setting up the OBi200 VoIP phone adapter and a new Google Voice phone number was simple. Since then, I haven't touched the OBi200, and I've never had a problem with it. It just works.
STEP 1) The OBi200 comes with the OBi200 device, a power supply, an ethernet cable, and paper instructions. The first step is to hook up the device. First, you plug your phone into the phone port. Second, you plug an ethernet cable into the ethernet port and either your broadband internet router or modem, Finally you connect the power supply to the power port. The front of device has three simple lights. On the left is the Operational indicate that lights solid green to show the device is powered and operational. In the middle is the Data indicator that is normally green and then flashes when there is data activity, and on the right is Phone indicate that is solid green when your phone is ready and flashes when your phone is in use.
STEP 2) Next, you verify the device works by dialing a special OBiTALK test phone number. Once you confirm it works, you can call other people on the OBiTALK network, but most of us want to finish up and be able to use the phone like a regular landline!
STEP 3) Next you go to and set up an OBiTALK account. The website has easy to follow on-screen instructions that lead you through the simple process. Once your device is registered and added to, you're ready to connect the device to a Google Voice number or to another VoIP service provider. Again, the website has easy to follow on-screen instructions that lead you through the simple process.

GOOGLE VOICE: Google Voice is free. You can get a phone number to use at .  Google Voice has all sorts of nice features, all of which are free. Voice mail is very easy to set up. You can also port your existing phone number over to Google Voice (there is a small charge), but I would first set up a new number to try Google Voice and confirm you like it. Once you know you're happy with it, you can port your old number over and replace your new Google Voice number with your old ported number.

About the only requirement for using the OBi200 is that you need a decent broadband internet connection to insure high-quality calls. The download speed isn't that important, and you don't need to pay for a lot of bandwidth. We have the Cox Cable "Starter" Internet package with 5Mbps download speed and it is more that sufficient.
Another nice thing about the OBi200 is that it does not require a computer. It works entirely on its own, and it doesn't matter if your computer is turned on or off.

It's like having a landline phone, but it's absolutely free (including long distance). We've been using the device and service for almost a year. The call quality is crystal clear. All the call we make and receive work. My only gripe is that I didn't do this earlier!

The OBIHAI OBi200 VoIP phone adapter combined with Google Voice works. If you're still paying for a landline phone, you should really try out the OBi200.

***  buy the OBi200 phone adapter from Amazon ***


You might be hesitant to try the OBi200 because you aren't sure how long Google Voice will be free, or will even be around. I would say this: Even if Google Voice started charging and/or disappeared, OBi200 also works with several other VoIP services. But I really doubt Google will drop Google Voice. It doesn't cost much at all for them to run it, and it gives them a foot hold into the phone service sector. I also don't think they'll start charging for it any time soon. I think Google is more interested in growing the number of subscribers than collecting a token fee from their existing subscribers. Plus, once a company starts charging for phone service, they have to start calculating and collecting all the federal, state, and local taxes, which is no small matter. Plus when people start paying for something they start expecting a level of customer service that isn't required for a free service and that can get expensive. Just as I predict gmail will remain free, so will Google Voice.


Comments / Questions / Feedback:

Comment by Mark on Thursday, March 23, 2017
I keep reading your stories and noticing how many of the same money saving strategies we employ. Like you, Freedompop, Blu R1HD, Refilling toner cartridges and now the Obihai 200 with Google voice. The Obihai service is what I wonder about this round. I have my GV# connected to the OBI and also forwarded to my H2O traditional cell phone. If I try to call my GV# FROM my H2O cell phone the call goes straight to Google Voice Mail. I recreated this situation with another T-Mobile cell phone and get the same results. This was not always the case and is something that has changed in the last few months(<6). Wondering if you have a GV-Cell-OBI combo like this and seen similar results. Mark

Reply by Steve (Cranial Borborygmus)
I am reminded of the saying, "Great minds think alike." Seriously though, I do think the Obihai is a no-brainer for a free landline if one has high speed internet. Now if only I could come up with a way to get free home high speed internet! As for your question, I have a Google Voice number that rings both my Obi200 and a cell phone that I have hangouts on. My phone plugged into the Obi200 always rings. If I don't answer it, eventually it will go to Google Voice voicemail. If I have any problems, it is that usually my cellphone with Hangouts also rings right away, but sometimes it is delayed or doesn't ring. Have you confirmed that the Google CHAT box on your Google Voice account is checked? Also, I might be confused, but if you have your GV number forward to a cellphone, and then you call from the cellphone it is forwarded to, I would think it would get a busy signal and go to voicemail. That is, it makes sense that maybe you can't call yourself. Do I understand this correctly?


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